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29 Reasons To Rent Our Homes

I will help you get ferry tickets for your car! Book early!

1. You will be dealing directly with the owners  (NO brokers!) 100% of the time.  Absolutely NO real estate broker fees which raise the cost of a vacation rental to you.  We are the property managers of our homes and bear 100% of the responsibility for all issues that might arise.  You will never be disappointed with our homes.  We believe in complete disclosure prior to your final decision to rent our home/s.  Our greatest goal is that you will rent again and again or refer your friends to us.  We will be your Vineyard Concierge!

2. We are members of Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce
and The Better Business Bureau (Online BBB) with NO complaints, EVER! We have an A+ rating with the BBB!

3. All our homes are centrally air conditioned and heated and have ceiling fans in all the living rooms and bedrooms.

4. There is free high speed wireless internet through cable.

5. Linens and towels are provided at NO additional charge to you.  The beds will be made up for you when you arrive! And you do not have to wash and dry the linens!!!!!

6. Our homes (4 on a two acre compound) are on private and quiet country dirt roads.

7. The homes are 1.5 miles from the beach  (one half mile "as the crow flies") and 3/4 miles from the center of Edgartown.  

8. All our homes are 1/4 mile from the famous Martha's Vineyard Bicycle Path. You do not have to cross any roads to get to the path.

9. Our homes are "Guaranteed Clean"

10. Free local and unlimited long distance telephone.

11. Free basic Cable TV.

13. There is unlimited parking on the property including space for your boat.

14. We will personally help you get your ferry reservation for your car. Reservations for your car on Saturdays go quickly.  Book your home early.  Reservations start early January of each year.

13. If you are planning a wedding or reunion on Martha's Vineyard, you are probably wondering where to put all the out of town guests who will be attending your big day. You can rent the entire Martha's Vineyard Vacation Home Compound for your guests. Our compound can sleep between 23 and 30 people depending on how many couples and children. Four day and seven day rentals are available when you rent the entire compound
(except July and August; must be seven day rentals).

14. All our homes have charcoal Weber BBQ grills.

15. There are TVs and DVD players in the master bedrooms and the living rooms.

16. You will be able to contact us 24/7.

17. All our homes have sand chairs for the beach.

18. We are Pet Friendly! And guaranteed clean (including the property)!
See pet policy.

19. BABY CRIB? We will make all the arrangements for you to rent your baby crib.  The crib will be ready for you when you arrive.

20. Clothes washers and dryers are provided in all our homes.

21. There are dishwashers in the three bedroom homes.

22.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card.

23. Call 508-299-3291 or text to Clif's cell at 203-521-9032.

24. Our website is updated daily at

25.  Our kitchens have all the kitchen utensils you will need; and if you get there and there is something you need, we will reimburse you for it...just call us first!

26. Our goal is to provide such good service and amenities and VALUE that you will want to come back and send all your friends, relatives and neighbors to us.....if we cannot do that then we need to do a better job...just let us know!

27. We will help you to arrange to have bicycles available for your use when you arrive.

28. During July and August when it is almost impossible to get a reservation on the ferry for your car we rent from Wednesday to Wednesday and we will help you get your ferry reservation.  Ferry reservations for your car are available each year in early January. The later you take to book a home with us the harder it becomes to get a ferry reservation for your car.  We will do everything we can to help you. 

29. We are GREEN! We are making sustainable, environmentally  and eco-friendly lifestyle choices for our homes!

1. We have 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating) energy efficient air conditioners.  The current Federal stardard is only 13 SEER.  We have similar energy efficient furnaces to heat our homes which are 98% efficient preventing important energy resources from going "thru the roof". Our 16 SEER systems are also much quieter for your comfort therefore reducing noise pollution! 

SEER rating more accurately reflects overall system efficiency on a seasonal basis and EER reflects the system’s energy efficiency at peak day operations. Both ratings are important when choosing products. As of January 2006, all residential air conditioners sold in the United States must have a SEER of at least 13. ENERGY STAR qualified Central Air Conditioners must have a SEER of at least 14.

Today, it is rare to see systems rated below SEER 9 in the United States because aging, existing units are being replaced with new, higher efficiency units. The United States now requires that residential systems manufactured after 2005 have a minimum SEER rating of 13, although window units are exempt from this law so their SEERs are still around 10.

Substantial energy savings can be obtained from more efficient systems. For example by upgrading from SEER 9 to SEER 13, the power consumption is reduced by 30% (equal to 1 - 9/13). It is claimed that this can result in an energy savings valued at up to US$300 per year depending on the usage rate and the cost of electricity.

With existing units that are still functional and when the time value of money is considered, most often retaining existing units rather than proactively replacing them is the most cost effective. Maintenance should be performed regularly to keep their efficiencies as high as possible.

But when either replacing equipment, or specifying new installations, a variety of SEERs are available. For most applications, the minimum or near-minimum SEER units are most cost effective, but the longer the cooling seasons, the higher the electricity costs, and the longer the purchasers will own the systems, incrementally higher SEER units are justified. Residential split-system ACs of SEER 16 or more are now available, but at substantial cost premiums over the standard SEER 13 units.

2. We have  installed tankless hot water heaters  (Rinnai) in all of our homes.  These hot water heaters use NO energy unless YOU turn "on" your hot water faucet.  And you will NOT run out of hot water while taking a shower! Click for further information about Rinnai Energy Savings Designation!

3. We wash all our linens in our own private professional laudromat which uses energy efficient methods to extract water from the linens before they are dried, which reduces drying time and energy use drastically.  

4. We have installed ceiling paddle fans to both ensure your comfort and reduce both air conditioning needs and heating needs, which help to maximize circulation of heating and cooling resources with a lower energy use method.  

5. We have automatic air conditioning and heating "cut-offs" installed in our windows and doors.  If these windows and doors are left open in the heating or cooling season energy resources will not be wasted.  This is to remind our guests that energy is being wasted and to close windows and doors if the air conditoner or furnace is on.

6.  Our homes are south facing allowing the sun to provide solar heat in the heating season and the oak trees and beautiful white pines to provide shade in the summer.

7. We have special ultra violet lights installed in each house within the air handler of the air conditioning units.  These UV lights kill any bacteria and mold before it enters the house.