Martha's Vineyard Vacation Homes
Clif Freedman 1812 West Bramble Berry Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85085

1-508-299-3291 or     cell: 203 521-9032

Departure Cleaning Checklist:

Kitchen:         1. Clean all dishes/cookware and return to appropriate places.
                       2. Remove all food from refrigerator and freezer, wipe down shelves.
                       3. Wipe down all counter surfaces and appliances (toaster oven, coffee maker, etc.)
                       4. Vacuum floor
                       5. Stove top should be left clean and free from grease

Bathrooms:   1. Wipe down sink and shower/bathtub
                           making sure there are no hairs, toothpaste, water, etc.
                       2. Vacuum floor to remove all hairs, etc.

Living room:  1. Check all surfaces and drawers to remove your personal belongings.
                       2. Wipe all tops of furniture to remove soil.
                       3. Vacuum all floors.

Bedrooms:    1. Check all surfaces and drawers to remove your personal belongings.
                      2. Wipe all tops of furniture to remove soil, water or anything that could ruin the furniture.
                      3. Vacuum all floors for sand.  Please do not leave sand in the house.
                      4. Neatly fold blankets and place on end of bed. Wash and dry if necessary.
                      5. Check under beds for personal belongings.
                      6. Place pillows neatly on bed.
                      7. Linens and towels: LINENS and TOWELS: (please check with Clif if linens and towels are provided for your rental). If provided then please adhere to these requests:

                          Please understand that linens and towels are provided. Sorry, no beach towels.
                          When you arrive all the beds will be made up for you.
                          Towels will be provided for the number of people you have stated will be in the house.
                          See my Table of Contents ( for information regarding the size of beds in your house.
                          Please make sure you bring extra towels and beach towels if needed.
                          I supply mattress pads, pillows and blankets, all sheets and pillow cases for the beds; and one bath towel, one hand towel and one wash cloth per person.
                          I will need to know how many towels to leave out for your party. Please let me know in the lease.
                         You will be responsible for insuring that all linens and towels are left at the house when you vacate.
                          In addition, NO linens or towels may be taken to the beach. These are house towels and linens only. Thanks for your help in this matter.

                          You do not need to wash and dry and fold the linens and towels when you vacate.
                          Leave all sheets and pillow cases on the beds as you found them. Do not take linens off the beds.
                          Put all the towels in the laundry room (in kitchen area)  or for 37 Hamblen Way ONLY leave towels in the bathroom tub.   

Dining room:  1. Wipe down table, removing all crumbs and soil.
                       2. Vacuum floor and remove crumbs and soil from chairs.

Trash:            1. Empty all trash pails from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. and
                           put trash outside in trash bin and make sure trash bin cover is closed.

Inspection:    1. The property manager will go through the house subsequent to your departure.
                       2. You are not expected to sanitize the toilets or floors but all of the above
                            checklist items should be addressed, please.
                       3. Any additional cleaning that is required will be deducted from your
                           cleaning security deposit.

CHECK OUT IS AT 11 AM (sorry, there are no exceptions unless you have written authorization on your lease)