Where is the key?


1. Standing on the ground, face the sliding glass door.

2. The deck will be in front of you.

3. Step back from the deck facing the sliding glass door and look for

a black vertical line which is about 5 inches long.

The line will be on the wood post supporting the deck (on the face of the deck,

not on the surface of the deck).

4. By now the line is probably light gray.

5. There is a nail behind the line (wood) with a key to the house on it.

6. Please make sure that the key is replaced when you leave. Thanks.


OR the key will be in the outdoor shower stall.

1. Walk into the outdoor shower; turn around as if you are going to leave.

2. STOP. Lean your head all the way to your left. Look up. On a nail between two pieces of wood (the frame of the shower) will be the key.