Please print this entire lease, sign it, and make a copy for yourself

and mail or fax or PDF a copy to me at address below. Martha's Vineyard Vacation Homes Clif Freedman of 1812 West Bramble Berry Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85085
508-299-3291 voice or cell: 203 521-9032 FAX: 508 629-0098 Use the information from the Credit Card Slip to fill in the information below

Date: _____________________*

Leases to (print name of guest on this line): _________________________________________________________________________*


Print Full Home Address and zip of guest _______________________________________________________*

Cell phone number: _______________________________* E-mail address: ____________________________________*

The house you have rented is a NO smoking house. You are responsible to insure that NO smoking occurs in the house and that if there is smoking outside the house that all windows and doors are closed to insure that NO smoke gets into the house. If my housekeeper determines that there has been smoking in the house there will be an automatic $500.00 (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS) charge against your credit card to "de-smoke" the house. I will email or call you FIRST to inform you that this charge will be made. Please initial here to agree to this charge if applicable: _______*

37 Hamblen Way Edgartown, MA 02539 (2 br, 1 bth)-2 queen beds (1 in each bedroom)_____

45 Hamblen Way Edgartown, MA 02539 (3 br, 2 bth)-1 king (MBR) & 4 twins & 1 queen bed_____

46 Claypit Road Edgartown, MA 02539 (3 br, 2 bth)-1 king (MBR) & 3 twins & 2 queen beds_____

54 Claypit Road Edgartown, MA 02539 (3 br, 2 bth)-1 king (MBR) & 2 double beds & 2 queen beds_____

FROM:_____________ , 2016/7 2PM. TO:___________, 2016/7 11AM, INCLUSIVE. TOTAL # OF NIGHTS: _____

The check in time is always 2 PM. The check out time is always 11 AM unless previously agreed with HOST in writing/email.
Please List/PRINT All Other Persons That Will Be Staying at House During Vacation. If None, PRINT "None"


The Agreement Between the Parties Is as Follows:

1. THE RENTAL IS____________________ PER WEEK/TERM

2. AMOUNT PAID ____________


4. BALANCE DUE________________and agrees to cancellation policy as stated in information letter and on web site and below.


1. To pay rent as stated above.

2. To vacate the premises at the end of the term at 11:00 AM.

3. On vacating the premises to put the keys back in hiding place and to LOCK all doors and windows.

4. To keep and vacate the premises in good condition.

5. To permit the host to enter at reasonable times, to examine the premises or make repairs or improvement.

6. During the term to allow host to enter at reasonable times with prospective guests to show the property.

7. To make NO alteration or SUBLEASE or Assignment without prior written approval of the host.

8. On vacating, leave the premises clean and FREE FROM RUBBISH/trash.

9. Guest is responsible for leaving house clean. Please pay special attention to kitchen.

10. See Departure Cleaning Checklist (this is a checklist NOT a to do list)

11. The rent includes at least one hour of cleaning which 50% is paid for by the host and 50% is paid for by the guest. If the host's cleaning service requires more than one hour to get house as clean as it was prior to guest's occupancy, then GUEST SHALL PAY $50.00 PER HOUR TO clean house. Please note that HOST pays for "housekeeper" to sanitize home and prepare it for next guest after you vacate.

12. Please List All Vehicles That Will Be Parked at House & and Indicate Owner.


1. OWNER'S NAME:____________________________________________________

2. OWNER'S NAME:____________________________________________________


1. SECURITY DEPOSIT is $500.00 and is in addition to full rent and guaranteed by your credit card (NOT CHARGED IN ADVANCE for parties 6 or less). For parties 7 or more security deposit charged in advance.

2. SECURITY DEPOSIT CLAIM: If there is a claim against your security deposit I will contact you by email/telephone and we will come to a mutual agreement.

3. FERRY RESERVATIONS: Do you have your ferry reservations?. (YES OR NO) Reservation #?___________________________

4. ELECTRIC Is Included. Please keep all windows and doors closed when air conditioning or heating is "on". This includes the front door and and the sliding glass door.

5. PETS: $100 pet fee per pet per week. There is NO pet fee for rentals of one week or longer for the first pet.

6. SEE SEPARATE PET POLICY AND BARKING DOG POLICY, which is an addendum to this lease.

7. HOUSE PHONE: All local and long distance phone calls are free. Please do not rely on the house phone for calls. The telephone system works on Internet. Use your cell phone if the house phones do not work.

8. TRASH: Guest is responsible for all trash and garbage removal and for leaving premises, both inside and outside in the Same Condition as Found upon Taking Occupancy. Host will provide for trash removal once per week. Please make sure trash is placed outside in trash barrels in the covered wooden trash bins by 11 AM on Tuesdays. No Trash Is to Be Left in the House.

9. SIGNING OF LEASE: The lease must be signed by you and returned to me by fax (508-629-0098) or scanned/PDF and emailed to me within 48 hours of you receiving it by email. You will ONLY have my digital signature on this lease. The e-mail paper trail and my digital signature is your legal foundation. Please print and bring all email, along with the lease on your vacation. Don't forget to bring "the directions" and "where to find the key".

10. KEYS: Please confirm with Host where to find keys for house. Please make sure to return keys to same place you found them.

11. LATE CHECK OUT: Guest will automatically be charged $100.00 per hour after 11 AM on day of vacating house unless landlord has agreed in writing/email that this time has been extended.

This charge is NOT a security deposit issue. PLEASE leave on time so the house is ready for our next guest.

12. CABLE TV: I provide basic cable TV. There are no premium channels or sports package channels. If you need any changes to the CABLE TV channels the cost is $100.00 for any change.

It could be more depending on what channels you want but the minimum is $100.00. I need about a week to accomplish this change. If these channels are important to you, please contact me ASAP.


1. All linens and towels are provided. Sorry, no beach towels.

2. When you arrive all the beds will be made up for you.

3. Towels will be provided for the number of people you have stated will be in the house.

4, See my Table of Contents ( for information regarding the size of beds in your house.

5. Please make sure you bring extra towels and beach towels if needed.

6. I supply mattress pads, pillows and blankets, all sheets and pillowcases for the beds; and one bath towel, one hand towel and one washcloth per person.

7. You will be responsible for insuring that all linens and towels are left at the house when you vacate.

8. In addition, NO linens or towels may be taken to the beach. These are house towels and linens only. Thanks for your help in this matter.

9. You do not need to wash and dry and fold the linens and towels when you vacate.

10.Leave all sheets and pillowcases on the beds as you found them. Do not take linens off the beds.

11.Put all the dirty towels on clothes washer in kitchen area of the three bedroom homes). Except for 37 Hamblen Way; leave all dirty towels in bathtub in bathroom.

12. You will find the towels on the shelf in the bedroom closets (except in 37 Hamblen Way).

Digital Signature of Host: CS Freedman

Signature of Guest #1:__________________________________________________________________ Signature of Guest #2:__________________________________________________________________

It is FURTHERMORE agreed that Guest must not allow anyone to bring in dirt or sand, nor enter the home in wet clothing. Guest must use special areas provided for showering and dressing after outside activities. Guest shall keep grounds neat and clean. When You Vacate, Please Remove All Food from Refrigerator and Wipe the Refrigerator Clean for next Guest.

__________________________Signature of Guest

CANCELLATION POLICY: The entire rental amount (including balance due) is non-refundable unless house is re-rented within one week of cancellation, (with written notice of cancellation only). Please make a special note that we do not accept check deposits or credit card deposits to hold a home. If you give us your credit card number then you have rented one of our homes subject to the cancellation policy stated above. Changes in "dates of rental" once a reservation is made, is subject to a $100.00 additional fee per change. Make your ferry reservations for your car ASAP! . All cancellations must be in writing. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express; cancellation policies for credit cards are the same as for non-credit.